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Satin: A soft, hand brushed finish which in time will take on a soft gray pewter patina usually associated with "old" pewter. This finish is very desirable with colonial, country and traditional décors.

Bright: A highly polished, shiny finish with a "silver like" appearance. This finish is highly desirable for awards, presentations and blends well with almost any decorative styling. A favorite for wedding and baby gifts.

Pewter is an alloy which has been used for centuries throughout the world. In colonial days, pewter was known as "the poor man's silver". However, pewter has become a staple and well respected product in modern times, excellent for gifts, awards, tabletop and decorative items of all sorts. All Pewterhutch items are hand crafted from the highest quality, food safe pewter alloy, consisting of approx. 92% Tin, 6% Antimony and 2% Copper, (no lead).  Pewterhutch items are manufactured by several of the leading pewter makers from America, Canada and England. 

All pewter should be washed with a mild detergent and dried with a soft cloth as soon as practical after use to avoid possible staining or discoloration caused by certain foods or liquids.

Satin finish: Fine steel wool, scouring powder or similar light abrasive cleaners may be used to remove stains, scratches or other blemishes to maintain the desired patina. (Be sure to rub in the same direction of the "grain" or original finish. 

Bright finish:
Maintain with a soft polishing cloth as needed. Wash with warm soapy water, rinse and dry well when needed. Do not use any abrasive powders or products as it may scratch the finish.

Do not heat or cook in pewter items.
Do not store food or liquids in pewter, as it may cause discoloration or pitting.
We strongly recommend the use of a glass or plastic liner if an item is to be used for flowers or acidic foods such as fruits and juices, etc.
We do not recommend the use of dishwashers for pewter items.
Do not allow candles to burn down into candleholder sockets.



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